On October 7th, law enforcement raided the blockade and tree-sitter support camp and taped off the area, threatening criminal trespassing charges for anyone who approaches the tree. Over the last four days, the tree-sitter has been surveilled by law enforcement 24/7 with flood lights shining on the tree throughout the night, preventing the delivery of supplies or visits from the public despite risk of hypothermia in cold and wet weather. Please show your solidarity by participating in the phone zap! Here is a script.

MONDAY, OCT. 12TH, 9AM-4PM CHAMELEON BLOCKADE PHONE ZAP: Demand that the Department of Natural Resources cancel its plan to clear-cut a biodiverse native forest, and end the police siege of the tree sitter! Call every number 1x, 2x, 10x, or 100x! 

 "Hello _________, I am calling in support of the Chameleon Blockade in Capitol State Forest. I condemn your decision to continue a police siege of the tree sitter, denying him access to survival supplies and communication in increasingly wet and cold weather. In light of the ongoing climate emergency, devastating wildfires, and ecological apocalypse, please cancel the Chameleon timber sale with Murphy Company to prevent the clear-cut logging of a 100-year-old forest. Older forests are less prone to wildfire and are more resilient to climate change. In the meantime, do not threaten the life of the tree sitter by continuing the siege or attempting to remove him from the tree.” 

Phil Wolff, Lead Forester in Capitol State Forest (360)-628-2391  

Audrey Mainwaring, South Puget Sound Region Management Forester (206)-939-0137  

Tom Heller, DNR Timber Sales Manager (360)-489-2089  

DNR South Puget Sound Region Office (360)-825-1631, press 0  

Hilary Franz, DNR Commissioner of Public Lands  (360)-902-1004


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