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There are several ways that humans locally and around the world can help save the "Chameleon" forest. Here are just a few:

1. Come visit the woods! Chameleon is less than 30 minutes from Olympia and less than 90 minutes from Seattle. We love having visitors. You can arrange a visit by contacting us on social media or by emailing or send a text/voicemail to (360)-209-6426.

2. Apply pressure! Let these entities know you are opposed to the destruction of this forest, and that any efforts to clearcut this valuable habitat will be met with strong resistance.

3. Donate funds! All funds donated will go directly towards purchasing climbing gear, hardware, and other supplies for the blockade.

4. Donate gear! Here is a list!

5. Spread the word! On social media or by word of mouth, let your friends, family, and literally everyone know what's happening out here, and encourage them to pursue one or more of these options to help this forest. If you know anyone in the media or anyone who wants to come document/publicize, definitely reach out and we can arrange a visit.

6. Hang out at the blockade! For an hour, for the afternoon, for as long as you want. More people are needed on the ground to help ensure that Tree'Angelo stays safe in his perch. New people are welcome to come and take shifts of whatever length you want. Early Autumn is a great time for camping and there's plenty of space for everyone. We strive to be a safer space and to respect everyone's needs and abilities. Contact us for more info!

7. Protect your local forest if you live in a different region. Forests (and other ecosystems) around the world are under threat from logging, mining, and other destructive industries. The US federal government (and many state govt's) has for decades been auctioning off publicly owned forest to be clearcut, grazed, mined, or other by privately held corporations. Deforestation is the number one contributor to climate change. You can help by starting a campaign just like this one in your local area! Feel free to contact us for more info on how to do this.


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