Apply Pressure Here

Please contact these entities and let them know you are opposed to the destruction of this forest, and that any efforts to clearcut this valuable habitat will be met with strong resistance.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for the management of "Capitol Forest" and for decades they have been selling off the people's forests to be clearcut for private profit. This is known as a "timber sale". You can call the DNR (or protest inside/outside their offices!) and let them know that logging of native forests must end now, and that they must cancel the Chameleon timber sale.

Audrey Mainwaring - South Puget Sound District Manager 360-825-1631 or

Hilary Franz - State Commmisioner of Public lands 360-902-1000 or

The Murphy Company is responsible for destruction of forests all across the Northwest. They have bought the rights to clearcut Chameleon from the DNR at the timber sale auction in February 2020. While they are a private company and have no accountability to the public, we can still let them know that their actions in clearcutting public forests will not go unnoticed or unopposed.

505 Elma McCleary Rd #9439, Elma WA, 98541 (360)-482-2521


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